We can be your dedicated resource for the design and build of your dream home, home addition, remodel or cabin. Our engineers, builders, and designers will work with you every step of the way to collaborate with you on the look, feel and detail that matter. We are passionate about bringing your vision to life and believe the process should be fun. 

Our Process:

Kick-Off – We start with a kick-off meeting with the team, which can be in person, on site at the build location, or via a call or video conference. During the kick-off meeting, we tease out what you are looking for, look, feel, size, and more. Any ideas are welcome, we want them all. If you have pictures, designs, drawings, napkins, Pinterest boards or websites, bring them all. We start piecing layouts together and unleash all the creativity to build a rough draft of your plan.  

Rough Draft – Our team takes the information from the kick-off meeting and begins to build the wireframe for your build, this is the structural design. Once completed, we will schedule a review and share the draft with you. During this review, we will take your feedback and discuss what you love, like and dislike from the rough draft, from which we will sharpen our pencils and refine the plans further.

Plan Review – Usually at this point we are getting pretty close – there is still a lot to discuss, but the structure is getting there. We will fine-tune the plan, move walls, doors, window, etc. Again, we take the notes away and do this again and again (usually it only takes once) until it is exactly how you want it to be.

Plan Sign-Off – Once you are happy with the structure and design build, we will do a final review and then approve the plan.  The sign-off is important because that is what we will share with our team, partners and subs to start the bidding and estimating process.

Design Launch Meeting – In this meeting we walk through the plan and look at it through a different lens, looking at the elements of your design from the floors, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, and more. Do you want tile, wood or carpet for the floor? Do you want paint, wallpaper, batten board for the walls? Do you want textures, wood, beams, or build-ins for the walls?  Working together the final look of your project will come to life.

Design Selections – Now we start to choose not only the type, but also the exact floor, fixture, light, color and more.